Broadcast Business Insights with Slava Levin, CEO of ECG

March 2021

Toronto - Ethnic Channels Group Ltd. Earlier this month, the CEO of ECG, Slava Levin sat down with Ajaya Sharma, news editor and anchor of Economic Times Television and ET NOW to express the importance of the ET NOW channel launch in Canada and how it fits in with his overall vision of the company and the current market.

Slava goes in-depth about the need that ET NOW fulfills, being the first English-language, business news channel in Canada catering to the Indian Diaspora. ET NOW’s appeal goes far beyond just the Indian diaspora market in Canada given that India itself is a key global market. Slava further cited that investors of all cultures in Canada who are eyeing India as an investment destination will subscribe and watch ET NOW.

As the conversation shifts gears, Slava elaborates on the global pay tv market and OTT in general. He sums up the media market opportunity to just one word, “GLOBAL.” Slava dives deeper into the concept with Ajaya as he states that technology has disrupted this industry greatly over the years. ECG is preparing to partner with TOOBER, the next go-to global marketplace for highly sought-after content. Toober is a global TV platform designed for specialty and niche content owners and creators targeting audiences across all continents with a live and video on demand offering.