June 07, 2016 | Website

Canadian-based Ethnic Channels Group Limited ("ECG") today announced it is a major content provider for JungoTV,, a new international content OTT service and innovative platform that provides the best foreign language television and film content from around the globe. ECG's partner, Nextologies, will manage and distribute JungoTV throughout Canada.

JungoTV will launch in Fall 2016 with over 30,000 hours with premium On Demand programming and will target in-language communities including Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Iranian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi and Tamil, and will be available on mobile platforms including iOS and Android, web and most connected devices.

In an interview this week, available here, Dr. Mehmet Oz, television personality, surgeon, media entrepreneur, and co-founder of JungoTV said, "In launching The Dr. Oz Show around the globe, it was apparent to me that the market for international content was growing rapidly. The launch of JungoTV, the first premium service of its kind to serve a global multi-lingual community, will allow us to provide top quality programming from customers' home countries and reconnect them with their culture and lifestyle.

"JungoTV picked Ethnic Channels Group because we always want to be associated with the best groups out there. If you're living in a country that loves you and you love being there, but you want to taste some of your native culture once in a while, we're right there with you and Ethnic Channels Group is the best partner," Dr. Oz continued.

George Chung, international content expert and CEO/co-founder of JungoTV said: "As a premier OTT digital streaming service, JungoTV addresses the needs of international audiences looking for high-quality entertainment content. This is a strategic alliance with Ethnic Channels Group and Nextologies that will merge the worlds of lucrative television entertainment and digital media, which will ensure customers worldwide get the content they want, when they want it."

"We are proud to become the key channels provider to the JungoTV platform," said ECG's CEO Slava Levin. "ECG is a diversified media company specializing in the aggregation, distribution, acquisition and production of entertainment content, and is one of the few companies in the world that represents so many international TV channels."

"Nextologies has all the necessary experience in digital broadcasting to manage and represent the platform in Canada," said Nextologies' CEO Sasha Zivanovic. "As media consumption increases, studios, television networks and other key players in production need to deliver more and better content, and Nextologies is the solution that streamlines processes and clarifies communication."

About JungoTV

JungoTV is a global OTT company providing in-language television content to the more than 100 million foreign language speakers around the world living outside of their homeland and available on multiple devices. Co-founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz and George Chung, a privately held company with global partners and headquartered in California, JungoTV is currently offering television and film content in 10 languages. The name of the company Jungo is Latin for "to bring together" or "unite" which embodies the company's vision of bringing in-language television content to customers worldwide.

About Nextologies

Nextologies provides Fibre, IP and Satellite Transmission services for a wide range of clientele worldwide. Creator of the world's first 4-in-1 plug-and-play signal transport devices, Nextologies hardware has been designed with proprietary Davinci software that can transport a video signal around the world twice, before it would ever experience packet loss. The Nextologies fibre network connects Canada, USA, Ukraine and Australia, and combined with the fixed satellite network, is the best in the region giving instant access to over 10,000 channels all while keeping costs low. In addition, as specialists of high quality broadcast video connectivity in HD or SD, Nextologies provides complete solutions to meet all broadcasting needs globally, from live sporting needs and concerts, to breaking news.